Friday, August 19, 2005

I am it

I'd like to thank some internet dude for asking me to list ten songs I'm currently digging.

The downside is that I now have to tag five new people. This wouldn't be a problem if I weren't so new to blogging, and as a result I'll have to do some serious NEXT BLOG clicking when I return from vacation. Hopefully I'll have better luck with it than I've had so far, as I usually end up reading about Miami-based contractors and discount contact lenses. The Dolphins suck and their fans should welcome blindness. Anyway, this one goes to eleven because… I don't know, what are the hours?

1. Le Tigre – Deceptacon
2. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Servo
3. White Stripes – My Doorbell
4. Stooges – Fun House
5. Cat Power – Free
6. Dead Meadow – The Whirlings
7. Mr. Lif – Phantom
8. Mountain – Sittin' on a Rainbow
9. Kinks – Wicked Annabella
10. Blue Cheer – Out of Focus
11. Dr. Octagon – 1977