Tuesday, January 24, 2006

RIP Steve

I've been out of commission lately, mourning the passing my cat and best buddy Steve. My lovely fiancĂ©e (we're engaged now) wrote a beautiful little eulogy that she emailed to friends and family to let them know—it's better than anything I could produce. So I'll let her speak for me.

Hi friends. I'm sorry for the impersonal note, but I have some sad news and I can't bring myself to keep relating it over and over. Jarrod and I lost our beloved cat, Steve, on Sunday, after he developed a severe respiratory problem caused by a hole in one of his lungs. He had been ill periodically since having a tumor removed about a year ago, most recently the week before last, but the results of some blood tests and an ultrasound that were done at the time were encouraging, other than that they revealed a problem with his liver (which we were addressing with a reduction in the dosage of his daily chemo pill). He was a fighter, though, and he rallied for one more week of happy memories with us (and tuna). But he took a turn for the worse over the weekend, so we took him to Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston on Sunday afternoon. Nothing could be done or even attempted to help him that wouldn't have caused him a lot of additional pain and suffering and it probably wouldn't have saved him anyway, so we knew we had to let him go.

Although we know we did the right thing, we still miss him a lot. As you probably remember, Steve's and my relationship got off to a rocky start, but over the past couple of years especially, as he got used to me being around all the time, we became close and I grew to love him. His loss is especially hard for Jarrod, though, as Steve had been his little buddy for the last eight years and they had a special bond. We're trying to keep sight of the most important thing, which is that Steve is not suffering any more. We know he's in a happy place now, where he can eat tuna every day and where there's no doubt a replica of his favorite cow toy, probably just as dirty and well-loved as the one he left behind.

I just wanted to let you all know because you knew that Steve was an important part of our lives and really a member of our family.

Thanks, babe. And bye, little guy. I miss you. I love you.